MP Systems inteviewed Scott Hilton, Facilities Manager for Whitsett, NC based Machine Specialties, Inc (MSI).  Scott has more than 30 years of machine tool experience, and MSI's sparkling 150,000 sq. ft. facility has more than 70 CNC milling, tuning, and grinding machines.  Approximately 50 of these machines use HP Pumps on a continous or intermittent basis. We asked Scott for comments and insights into HP Coolant Systems.

Reliability, Value 

Machine Specialties is ISO 9001 CertifiedMSI has been using high pressure cooling systems for some time, and we probably have about 50 pumps on-site.  We have all the major brands, so we've got a good idea of what's reliable and a a good value.  MP Systems pumps are both, and reliability/performance is a big factor in our purchasing decisions. We began adding MP System pumps almost 4 years ago, liked them, and never looked back. 


MSI is a job shop, and that means flexibiility is key to keeping customers satisfied.  The quick connect features on MP Systems pumps, plus the simple fact that they fit in most places and are easy to move is a big plus for a fast moving job shop. 

Through-Spindle High Pressure Coolant

There are many advantages to running high pressure coolant through the spindle.  Start with directing the the coolant right at the cutting zone, and making sure plenty of the oil/water coolant gets there. Sure, this increases tool life and speeds, but also has some not so well-known benefits. 

One, flash point temperatures are never reached when using high pressure coolant properly - and that is huge for safety.  Second - keeping the part temperature low and consistent means delivering tighter tolerances more consistently. 

Deep Hole Drilling

Deep Drilling With HP CoolantIf you want just one big reason to use high pressure coolant systems, it's deep hole drilling.  At MSI, we have eliminated peck cycles in most of our deep hole drilling, allowing us to increase speeds/feeds. Just as important, by delivering the coolant through the cutting tool we flush out chips - and the old adage "the hardest chip you'll ever cut is the one you just did" is true. Tools break most freqently when you're re-entering the cutting zone during peck cycles, and chips block the way.  All that goes away with high pressure coolant.  Decrease cycle time, increase tool life, decrease tool breakage.  3 for 3!

Temperature and Tolerance

Depending on the tolerances you need to hold, coolant temperature can play an important role in delivering quality parts or piling up scrap.  Many of our customers not only want parts machined to 2/10ths, they measure it at 70 degrees.  High pressure coolant alone will help you hold this, but monitoring your coolant temps and making sure they never exceed 115 - 120 degrees will also improve your results.  Use a chiller combo pump or simply chill your coolant - all depends on the job.

Best Thing About High Pressure Coolant Most People Don't Know?

MSI uses multiple applications for high pressure coolant. Opportunity. A lot of time people will focus on just one benefit of high pressure coolant - like deep hole drilling, tool breakage, increasing tool life and the like.  But once you have them in-shop, and particularly in a diverse job shop environment, you realize this easy to use, easy to implement technology has almost unlimited ways it can save you time and money. The more you use it, the more you learn creative ways to cut costs and improve delivery and precision. 

MP Systems Customer Service Any Good?

Don't know.  We've been running MP machines continuously for more than 3 years and have a bunch of them. We haven't had to call for repair yet.  If you change the filters and do your routine maintenance, MP System pumps run and run and run.  And at Machine Specialties Inc., we like that.

MSI serves aviation, general commercial, aerospace, and medical industies, to name a few.