Coolant Filtration

Filtration systems for your coolant tank.


Have you ever needed to shut down your machine tool ALL so you could clear out the debris in the sump? The hassle of not only throwing your time away, but having your machine sitting there not making parts, is enough to look for a better solution.

Carefully reach to the floor of the machine tool tank and pull up the debris. If you have a debris problem, this is where you will uncover just how bad it is. Here are some common symptoms with a dirty tank:

What are symptoms of a dirty tank?

  • Clogged pumps
  • Chip dams at screens
  • Coolant starvation of flood & high pressure pumps
  • Clogged lines
  • Short coolant life
  • Smelly, bacteria-ridden coolant
  • Machine alarms including "low coolant" &  "pump motor overload"
  • Poor part finish
  • Short tool life

How much does a dirty coolant tank cost you?

Insert values to the estimator below to get a rough idea of what you are spending on your dirty coolant tank every year.

*The estimator does not account for increased tooling costs as a result from dirty coolant

**The estimator does not account for scrapped parts due to reasons surrounding dirt coolant

The Solution.

The people at MP Systems have worked to come up with a filtration solution for your coolant system to eliminate the problem at the source. The filtration options we produce have been engineered to keep up with the hardest working shops. Our systems are rated for continous duty and come with a 2 year parts warranty. We use all name-brand electrical components and quality hardware that we trust. 


Cyclonic Debris Removal (CDR)

Cyclonic Debris Removal

Removes fines and debris from high volume machines with filtering chip conveyors with needing to change filter bags. Works well with aluminum or cast iron. Filters based on particle density.

Check out the Cyclonic Debris Removal System

Purge Filtration System


Keep your tank clear of fines and debris using high capacity filtration with the Purge. Works with a variety of materials. Filters based on particle size.

Check out the Purge Filtration System 

FAQ: Do you have anything to get rid of the sludge in my tank?

Yes. We have 2 options, the CDR and the Purge. Both are designed for continuous duty coolant tank filtering. 

FAQ: How would a clean tank help me make more money? Why not just let the coolant go ask long as possible in between cleaning out my machine?

Clean coolant lends itself to better part finish than dirty coolant will, every time. With dirty coolant, small fines take a toll on your machine and tooling. Every path that the coolant takes, debris can follow, sandblasting your sharp tooling and prematurely causing tool failure. Also, your in-tank coolant pumps will not last nearly as long with grit-laden coolant. 

FAQ: I run cutting oil and I deal with small chips building up in my tank. Are you able to filter oil, or is it water-based coolant only?

The MP Systems Purge Filtration System can be ordering in the oil version to take care of the mess in your tank. However, the CDR will not work with oil due to the higher viscosity of the cutting fluid, making cyclonic debris separation less effective than media-style filter bag filtration.