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High Pressure Coolant Systems for Turning Centers/Lathes

These coolant systems are generally recommended for use with Turning Centers & Lathes.

vr series

Designed for maximum performance for a variety of tooling sizes and multifunction machines.

  • Variable volume up to 8 GPM, 16 GPM, twin 8 GPM, or 20 GPM
  • User programmable pressures 250-1000 PSI with appropriate interface
r8 adaptive series

Designed for the general machine tool market, MP Systems' R Series pumps are among the most versatile High Pressure Coolant Systems available.

  • 8 GPM, 16 GPM, or twin 8 GPM, up to 1000 PSI
  • Manually adjustable pressures
ul series

The Utility Line Series is ideal for light duty mill and lathe applications.

  • Up to 12 GPM
  • Up to 300 PSI