Engineered to capture chips, fines and debris while operating in tandem with a properly functioning chip conveyor. Effective in a wide range of applications where filter media would not blind off.* Works with both water based coolant and oil.

The Purge provides constant reverse flow in the tank preventing chips from building up on the screens. The Purge is a stand alone filtration system, allowing customers to continue production while performing filter bag changeouts.

*Fine particles can clog filter bags rendering them ineffective, also known as "blinding off".

If filter bags would blind off, check out the CDR.


PURGE V2 Smallest PRO SD

Technical Specs:

  • 40 - 80 GPM (SD)
  • 30 - 80 GPM (PRO)
  • Rugged cast pump w/ 3HP inverter duty motor (SD)
  • Filters fines up to 1" (SD)
  • Filters fines up to 1/4" (PRO)
  • 4 Pressurized Filter Vessels
  • 20 Gallon Total Filter Capacity
  • Eyelevel-Mount PLC Display
  • LED Status Indicator Mounted High for Visibility
  • No-spill Drainable Filter Deck


  • 30-80 GPM programmable flow rate (PRO Models)
  • 40-80 GPM programmable flow rate (SD Models)
  • Filters fines up to 1" (SD)
  • Filters fines up to 1/4" (PRO)
  • Pressurized return flow 
  • Qty 4 - 5μm (micron) Standard Filtration (#2, 7” X 32” bags)
  • Holds up to 20 gallons of debris
  • No-spill drainable filter deck
  • Eyelevel mounted PLC display
  • LED status Indicator light 
  • 3 Phase breaker and wiring kit to easily pull power from machine
  • Auto start on power up feature or scheduled clock run function
  • 208/230v Standard, 480V optional

Purge Pro/SD Footprint:
Purge Pro/SD Floor Plan:

For moderate volume production applications with or without
filtering conveyors. Great for various metals, ceramics,
composites, and other materials.

Purge Specs:

  • 30 - 60 GPM Flow Rate
  • 3HP Configurable Mounted Pump
  • Filters fines up to 1/4"
  • 4 Standard Filter Vessels
  • 20 Gallon Total Filter Capacity
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Compact design