Coolant Chillers - Built for Harsh Environments
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Stand Alone & Mounted Coolant Chillers

MP Systems Coolant Chillers are built specifically for the harsh environments of the CNC machining industry. They're intended for use with any machining application where an increase in coolant or machine tank temperature could cause problems holding tight tolerances.

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Stand Alone Coolant Chiller

The stand alone CS-Series open loop chiller constantly circulates coolant from the machine's tank and maintains consistent tank temprature.


Mounted Coolant Chiller

The Mounted RC Series Chiller pulls coolant from the MP HPCS tank and cools it by circulating it through a heat exchanger in the chiller.

Do I Need a Coolant Chiller?

High coolant temperatures can cause thermal expansion, making it difficult to hold tight part tolerances. Adding a chiller:

  • Helps maintain tolerances
  • Reduces the need to adjust offsets
  • Decreases the need to check parts