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New Product - Stand Alone Coolant Chiller

MP Systems announces the release of a NEW Stand Alone Coolant Chiller! Built specifically for the harsh environments of the CNC machining industry this new product is ideal for any machining application where increasing coolant and machine tank temperature may cause difficulty holding tight tolerances.

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New Product Catalog Now Available!

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Machine Specialties, Inc.

Whitsett, NC

Scott Hilton, Facilities Manager:

MSI has been using high pressure cooling systems for some time, and we probably have about 50 pumps on-site.  We have all the major brands, so we've got a good idea of what's reliable and a good value.  MP Systems pumps are both, and reliability/performance is a big factor in our purchasing decisions. We began adding MP System pumps almost 4 years ago, liked them, and never looked back. 

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