What's Your Problem?

Does a High Pressure Coolant (HPC) System belong on your shop’s floor?  Does your shop have any of the following problems:

Common Problems

 Continuous Chips

  • Shorten tool life
  • Mar surface finishes
  • Require machinist intervention

 Premature Tool Wear

  • Thermal cracking due to heat
  • Broken drills and inserts

 Deep Hole Drilling

  • Shortened tool life
  • Broken drills
  • Inability to drill deep holes

 Slow Cycle Time

  • Reduced feeds and speeds
  • Peck cycles, extended cycle time

What's Your Solution?

High Pressure Coolant - MP Systems HPC pumps solve your shop’s cooling, lubrication, and chip management problems by dramatically increasing the amount of coolant that reaches the cutting zone. 

HPC also does a vastly superior job of directing it to the critical area where the cutting tool actually meets the workpiece.

Simply, HPC solves and stabilizes your cooling, lubrication, and chip management problems. 

Once you have stable, effective cooling systems, you can ramp up your speeds/feeds until you optimize cycle time. If you’re like most HPC users, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can cut, mill, and deep drill.

Conversion to HPC, particularly with machines made in the last seven years, is easy. Retrofitting is also available (and not that expensive) for older capital equipment.

To get started on using HPC on your shop floor, contact MP Systems today.