Bag Filters & Cyclonic Filtration

The Difference Between Bag Filters & Cyclonic Filtration

Cyclonic filtration has been around for many years in various industries. It uses centrifugal force to filter out particles. The weight of the particles determines where they end up; heavier contaminants are carried away in a stream of liquid to a settling or "sludge" tank and lighter, flake-like particles or chips pass through the filter back into the machine tool or secondary filter.

For this reason, cyclonic filters are best viewed as pre-filters or first stage filters which can remove a significant amount of impurities, with the finer impurities being removed by a fine screen, or filter bag downstream from the cyclonic system.

Cyclonic Filtration


Cyclonic filtration marketers often promote their systems as “maintenance free”, but sooner or later someone has to clean out that sludge tank.

In addition, the longer sludge sits, the more likely it is that bacteria will grow.

Bag Filters


Filter bags are inexpensive and necessary to remove the finest particles and they work like a trash bag liner in a trash can. They’re easy to remove and they capture all of the contaminants neatly inside.

These systems utilize the bag filters to aid in de-aeration of the coolant.

Bags Are Easy to Change

MP Systems’ model R and VR series coolant pump filters can be changed in minutes, even while the pump is running.

Simply remove four wing nuts, lift the cover, and pull out the dirty filter bags.

Your machine tool is a sizeable capital investment. Shouldn’t you protect it?