Cyclonic Debris Removal - Continuous Coolant Filtration


CDR80 - Cyclonic Done Right.

Are you running a high volume, multiple shift machine and your sump fills up with sludge and fine debris over time? 

Can't run your machine overnight because of fears the sludge buildup will create a machine alarm or broken tool?

Enter: The CDR. Uninterrupted tank cleaning for high volume machines with filtering chip conveyors. Keeping your tank clean 24/7 so you can keep plowing through parts and making money. No more shutting down production to clean out your tank. The CDR does it all on it's own. Simply watch as the debris builds up in the CDR settling tank and reminds you of what previously was pumped through your machine lines and tooling.  

Cyclonic Debris Removal Flow Diagram

The coolant returning to your sump out of the filtering chip conveyor will be filtered down to a certain particle size, and no less. Particulate in the coolant that is smaller than what your filtering conveyor can remove, would normally build up at this point. However, when the CDR is installed, the coolant returning back to the machine sump from the filtering chip conveyor is pulled in at 80 GPM and pumped into a carefully engineered hydro-cyclone system. The debris is seperated out, and lands in a settling tank where it can easily be scraped into the included bucket. The clean coolant returns to the machine tool tank, supplying your pumps with fresh coolant.

Watch our video to see if your application
qualifies for a CDR.

  • 80 GPM flow rate
  • Filtration down to 3 micron
  • Cleanable Pre-filter
  • No Disposable Filters
  • Low maintenance
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Inlet/Outlet Pressure Gauges
  • PLC display

Note: All units are in inches.

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