Extra Filtration When You Need It
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AF Kidney Loop Stand Alone Twin Filtration System

The AF Kidney Loop Stand Alone Coolant System is ideal when extra filtration is needed. It's especially recommended for use when machining copper, aluminum, or cast iron.

twin filtration system

This easy-to-use filtration system comes with a free installation kit. It's easy to install and portable from machine to machine.

  • Provides constant circulation of machine tool tank coolant
  • PLC messages are displayed in plain English
  • Uses a 110V standard outlet


  • Qty (2) 7x32" quick change filter bags
  • Built in feed pump
  • Dirty filter alarm
  • 2-year parts warranty


  • Dual, 5 Micron Nominal Bags
  • Quick Change Canister
  • Large Capacity Filters - 7" x 32"
  • Variety of Bags and Ratings Available
  • 8.8 Cubic Feet of Total Filtration