VR Series Pumps

VR20The VR Series is designed for maximum performance for a variety of tooling sizes & multi-function machines.

MP Systems' VR Series high pressure coolant systems are variable flow with programmable pressures. These dependable, robust systems are excellent coolant
systems for the following machine tools:

  • Machining Centers
  • Multi-Axis Lathes
  • Multi-Function Machine Tools

Standard Features

• Variable volume up to 8 PM, 16 GPM, twin 8 GPM or 20 GPM
• User programmable pressures 250-1000 PSI with appropriate interface
• (2) 7x32" 5 micron quick change filter bags
• 50 gal. vertical reservoir (VR8)
• 70 gal. vertical reservoir (VR16, VRT, VR20)
• Built-in feed/supply pump
• 208/230V standard, not field retrofittable
• 480V special order, not field retrofittable
• Use with water-based coolant or suitable oils
• (2) ports
• PLC messages displayed in plain English
• Dirty filter alarm
• 2-year parts warranty


• MP1200 mist collection
• Post HEPA filter
• Additional Ports
• Auto Cross Over 
• Abrasive Duty 
• Mounted chiller (call MP Systems)


(VR16, VRT, VR20)   42”L x 38”W x 42”H   Wt.: 1250 lbs.
(VR8)                    36”L x 28”W x 42”H   Wt.:   850 lbs.