High Pressure Coolant 101

High Pressure Coolant (HPC) Systems are an extremely cost effective and superior performance alternative to traditional flood cooling. 

Understanding the Basics

Vapor Barrier

The intent of high pressure coolant is to penetrate and/or eliminate the vapor barrier, quench the metal chip, causing it to become brittle and snap. And finally, flush the chips away from the cutting zone.

A layer of steam is formed on the cutting tool and work piece, acting as a heat insulator that reduces cooling.

Cooling the Hot Zone

The key to understanding why HPC is so effective is performance in the “hot” zone – the tiny area where the actual edge of the cutting tool comes in direct contact with the workpiece.

Tremendous heat is generated in the hot zone - enough to deform parts, crack tooling, and even “heat treat” the metal itself.

High Pressure Coolant 101 = Cool the hot zone properly, and you make better parts at lower cost.

Exit Distance in Relation to Pressure Drop

It's important to note that pressure drops extremely quickly once it exits the nozzle. For maximum effectiveness the high pressure nozzle should be as close to the cutting zone as possible.

Think of a garden hose and how the pressure drops quickly once it leaves the end of the nozzle.