We've Got Your Back

MP Systems Team

MP Systems, headquartered in East Granby, CT, is the premier U.S. manufacturer of High Pressure Coolant (HPC) systems.  This technology is extensively used in the machine tool industry for turning, milling, grinding, and deep drilling applications.

High Pressure Coolant systems is our focus and number one specialty.  We design, manufacture, sell, distribute, install, and service all of our cooling pumps and systems. And we have since 2005. 

The phrase "We've Got Your Back" drives all phases of our operations:

  • Design: Led by HPC pioneer Mike Sayers (20+ years of HPC development), each HPC series and model is designed and tested to excel in any CNC shop environment.
  • Manufacturing: Our customers describe our "Made in the USA" pumps as reliable, rugged, and dependable.  

BEFORE YOU BUY - "We've Got Your Back"

Before any sale is made - MP Systems application and sales engineers will ensure you have the right sized HPC system for your operation.  We deliver systems for your newer machine tools or convert older models. Expect real-time phone support and specialists trained in HPC and your applications. 

We welcome the opportunity to show you how MP Systems and HPC can dramatically improve your manufacturing process, contribute directly to your bottom line, and build better parts for less.

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AFTER THE SALE - "We've Got Your Back"

All MP Systems products and systems come with:

  • Two-Year parts warranty
  • Complete, comprehensive installation and maintenance manuals
  • Backed by a huge inventory of spare parts - most ship same day
  • Effective, friendly technical support

Contact MP Systems today to learn how HPC will dramatically improve your manufacturing process and cycle time.